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Islington Dental Clinic

Dr. John Chiarot first welcomed patients to Islington Dental Clinic over 30 years ago. Islington Dental Clinic continues to grow with the changing community that we care for. What makes us different from other dental clinics is our friendly caring dental team. The Islington Dental Clinic team has built a family- like relationship with families spanning generations. Patients are used to the highest level of patient care and friendly professional service.

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Why Islington Dental Clinic?

The entire staff at Islington Dental Clinic is committed to providing you with the individualized, high-quality dental care you deserve. From the moment you enter our clinic to the follow up visitations, we make sure that you are as relaxed as you can. We offer a wide range of services that include dentures, braces, gum grafts, fillings and more.

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When will I receive my new teeth?

Treatment time varies by patient. Typically, you will have some type of temporary teeth until your implants bond to the bone. Your clinician can provide a time estimate based on your treatment needs.

What if I have questions?
If you have further questions, contact us today or just visit our clinic.
How Long Will the Filling Last?
The filling will last from 5 to 7 years, and if it gets damaged it can easily be repaired.
How does the long-term value of implants compare to other treatment options?

Dental implants are low maintenance and provide stability and confidence in your smile. Therefore, the long-term value of dental implants far exceeds conventional treatment options.

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Emergency Dentistry

Our clinic provides emergency visits and cavities, toothaches chipped tooth treatments