Islington Dental clinic is a friendly and caring Dental Clinic.

Dr. John Chiarot first welcomed patients to Islington Dental Clinic over 30 years ago. Islington Dental Clinic continues to grow with the changing community that we care for. What makes us different from other dental clinics is our friendly caring dental team. The Islington Dental Clinic team has built a family-like relationship with families spanning generations. Patients are used to the highest level of patient care and friendly professional service.

Our extensive dental care expertise allows us to create a relaxing experience for patients. Not only do we provide family dentistry, we also offer advanced cosmetic procedures to help enhance a smile. Islington Dental Clinic has an Orthodontist, Periodontist, Denture Therapist and Oral Surgeon all on site.

This means that patients don't need to travel to different clinics for different procedures. Patients can be treated in one convenient friendly and caring location. We also offer general anesthesia to patients who need further comfort when being treated. Our highly experienced Dental Team strives to constantly enhance the dental care experience.

Islington Dental Clinic is located @ 2978 Islington Avenue (just north of Finch Ave) with lots of free parking.