Teeth-friendly Snacks for the Summer

Summer brings about so many wonderful changes. In addition to basking in the sun, summer-time foods are plentiful. The thing is, as delicious as they taste, not all of them are good for your teeth. And while it's perfectly okay to occasionally indulge, there are specific foods that are actually...Read more

How Nail-Biting Affects Your Oral Health

A massive population of people hardly knows the harm you impose on your teeth by nail-biting. Most people tend to associate nail-biting as a bad habit that has no consequences to your teeth but instead gives your nails an unappealing look. Nail-biting proves to bring about undesirable effects on...Read more

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Symptoms Of Sugar AddictionYou might be addicted to sugar if you are constantly consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugars. This includes everything from soda to juices, fried foods, convenience foods and junk food in general. Another sign is eating sugary foods and drinks just because...Read more