Get Your Oral Cancer Screening With Islington Dental Clinic

It is important to keep your body in a good shape and state of health. Sometimes people concentrate on things like exercise and proper nutrition but forget about checking in with their medical professionals for things that they don't necessarily have control over.Oral cancer being one of them, is a...Read more

Veneers at Islington Dental

Looking for a new smile? Look no further than Islington Dental Clinic! Our veneers give you a spectacular transformation that will amaze you. We handcraft your veneers from long-lasting porcelain and bond it to the frontal part of your teeth. Our specialized lab will custom-make you porcelain...Read more

Dental Implants

A dental implant looks and functions like a natural tooth. The steel post that is placed in the jaw bone mimics the root of the natural tooth. When you visit us at Islington Dental x-rays will be taken to determine if you have enough bone to provide good support for an implant. If you are lacking...Read more