How Oral Health Affects Your Skin

At Islington Dental Clinic located in Toronto, we often explain to our patients about health issues connected with poor oral hygiene. This involves such things as tooth decay, bad breath, staining as well as serious skin issues. It is important to realize the mouth is the gateway into a person's...Read more

How Can I Protect My Child’s Teeth During Sports?

Sports are a fun way for a child to get exercise and socialize with others. However, when children play sports they are more susceptible to injury. If you're concerned about sports-related injuries to your child's teeth, read on for tips and advice.Stock Mouth GuardsSome sports are more dangerous...Read more

Our Top 5 Tips for At-Home Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene goes a long way in achieving a healthy smile. Many dental issues can be avoided by following a few simple tips at home on a daily basis.Don't Brush Right After Acidic FoodsOrange juice can be refreshing first thing in the morning but may not be best for your teeth. When...Read more