New Smile for the New Year

Now that 2021 has started, the time has come to make some resolutions and to actually stick with them. Starting to compile a list of dental goals is as easy as reviewing a list to motivate you.1. Visit the DentistYou aren't going to have the ability to complete any of your goals if you continue to...Read more

Dental Tips During Your Holiday Break

The holidays are synonymous with sweet treats, and while they are quite tasty, they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Eating too much sugar, sticky foods, or foods high in carbohydrates can cause tooth decay or even cracked or chipped teeth. Keep your teeth healthy this during your holiday break...Read more

Holiday Treats For Healthy Teeth

The holidays are filled with lots of sweets and treats which are great for your taste buds but terrible for your dental health. It's no secret that a diet with too much sugar promotes cavities and wears down on enamel. So, to improve your oral health while you enjoy treats, we're providing you with...Read more