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Comprehensive Teeth Whitening in North York for a Radiant Smile

There are several reasons for teeth whitening. The most popular are for stained teeth. There are several methods that can be used to achieve a brighter whiter smile.

At Islington Dental Clinic, we use customized trays during teeth whitening in North York that are made specifically for you in our clinic that can be taken home and used with our teeth whitening gel.

There are many over the counter systems you can use to brighten your smile, but only your dentist can make it the brightest. Teeth whitening systems work best with natural teeth that have no fillings. Touch ups may also be needed in the future as whitening is not permanent. How often you will need touch ups will depend on your individual needs.

Whitening your teeth is simple and non invasive, and a very cost effective way to enhance your smile quickly.

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